New Year challenge...

Dear Ruth

This year Christmas is back at home and I'm banished from the kitchen (it's all a bit territorial at this time of year).

I'm sure this is nothing to do with your amazing efforts to train me up last year and in a way I'm going to really miss the buzz of getting that turkey on the table, with all its many trimmings.

Clearly I need to get back in the kitchen for some other reason, so I'm going to host a small new year's eve party at my flat. Now, the parsnip crisps were so inspired I'm sure you have some other easy to prepare ideas that I'll enjoy practicing so you have I guess 10 days before we start this year's December challenge...

Yours in anticipation



  1. New year is coming and people can celebrate it with their own way. People should try to do some challenging task and avoid bad habits. So that new year will be peaceful and healthy.
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  2. I like nandos

  3. If you're banished from the kitchen you should seek assistance and use the USSR army to fight back