Back in black(berry)

Dear Ruth,

You've enticed me back into the kitchen, well a step towards it at least. That in itself deserves one of those shiny medals they've been handing out in the big smoke recently!

So, you think a spot of foraging for blackberries will get my fruit juices going do you?! Well as ever I don't concede without giving you some sort of challenge and it's time to roll your eyes disappointedly..I'm not sure I've ever eaten and consciously enjoyed a blackberry! 

Growing up, I shunned summer fruits except strawberries and raspberries. Only in adult life have I braved growing my own blueberries and blackcurrants, but blackberries are an all new challenge. As far as I recall they're mostly bitter and you only cut yourself trying to get them anyway, so what's the point.

However, as I am probably due detention for missing your classes, I'll do it, especially if you can send me through a recipe for mini blackberry and apple tarts/pies or something like that which I can marry with vanilla ice cream, because all sweet pies go well with ice cream, fact.

One thing though, you suggested I look for these on the river bank and I assume you mean by boat? As romantic as the notion is of taking out my rowing boat and looking for some on the banks of Bristol's rivers, my kind of rowing boat isn't very stable, and I fear I would end up looking less Mr Darcy, more Toad of Toad Hall.

So can we compromise? You see, I found these growing wild in the back garden...

Go on, I need to do something with them! And as I know you like your rock music here's a sweetener:

Yours bramble-y


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