About the school

Boys: Left alone to cook, they suddenly come over all Gordon Ramsey and try a fancy recipe using every possible utensil in the kitchen. Or they burn their oven chips and order a takeaway.

Mums: Left alone to cook… who are we kidding, they’re never left alone to cook. So they develop enviable multi-tasking skills and the ability to feed the many with the few, day after day. Or at least they bust a gut trying and hope no one else spots the sneaky botch-job or short cut.

So what happens if you put the two in the same kitchen..?

The school came about when a fair-weather cook Tom turned to a seasoned home chef Ruth with a plea for help, having bitten off more than he could devour. After promising to host a family Christmas, he suddenly realised that it involved a bit more than shoving a bird in the oven.

Yes, this is a school with a difference. It’s an attempt to see if a boy can be re-educated, and if a yummymummy can whip him into shape and spare him and a future partner conflicts in the kitchen.

However, this is also a school for anyone who wishes to try their hand at making a little go a long way, whether foraged, grown or thrown in the shopping basket by a sly partner (“what’s this steak doing here love?”). A chance for the lazy to take control of their bellies, for the harassed to find a bit of breathing space and with any luck, for anyone to find a bit of inspiration

Ruth has a host of ideas for the future too, so sign up boys and girls its time to get your apron on.

How to enroll:

The school is open to all. Although Ruth will be devoting much of her time to her most unruly pupil, there are weekend workshops available and The Chalkboard where Ruth will be posting her ideas and those of other pupils. 

Try out the recipes in the Christmas challenge and see if you can match Tom’s attempts and get a gold star. Comments on the posts are welcome to help the school grow. Contact the Ruth directly yummymummycookingschool@gmail.com with your work, photos, ideas and tips.

About Ruth and Tom:

Ruth, a no nonsense married mum of five based with her charges out in Poole, UK. A passion for getting every last ounce out of the food on the table and inspiring others to get out the wooden spoon, the rolling pin, the foraged fruit and the garden harvest. Used to cooking for people with allergies. Effort will be rewarded; fussiness will not be tolerated

Tom, a 30-something guy living in Bristol, UK with all the temptations of a foodie city on his doorstop, and no other hungry mouths to answer to except his own. Which just happens to be very particular.

Plenty of enthusiasm to cook, but a busy working day and the temptations of music and sport in the evenings means there just isn’t the time to get stuck in with the pastry. Especially with a top notch curry house nearby. But there is hope in the form of a passion for gardening albeit in a rather hapless manner.

Follow Ruth and Tom on Twitter as they share their challenges successes and frustrations with the world @CookWithYumMum and @haplessgardener