The Xmas Challenge

Can yummy mummy Ruth teach the boy Tom how to cook a full blown Christmas meal for a family of 8 in just four weeks?

Follow Tom's attempts on the Lessons page and see below for a summary of the challenges facing Tom with links to, first, the recipes and then the 'ahem' finished articles...  Try them yourself and get in touch with comments on the posts, or email us:

Recipe 1  Mince pies + alternative (Ruth's recipe) ; Apple and cinnamon pies (Tom's attempt)

Recipe 2 - Potato, celeriac and sprout cakes (Ruth); Mashed and caked potatoes (Tom)

Recipe 3 - Pigs in Blankets (Ruth); Happy warm pigs (Tom)

Recipe 4 - Yorkshire Puddings (Ruth); Mushroomed yorkshires (Tom)

Recipe 5 - Braised cabbage (Ruth); Gently steam fried cabbage (Tom)

Recipe 6 - Roast potatoes with garlic and rosemary (Ruth); Roast potatoes properly done! (Tom)

Recipe 7 - Roast Honeyed Parsnips (Ruth)