Gone in 60 seconds...

Dear Ruth, 

I admire your perseverance with me, I have been away with the Giants (click here), eating with a blindfold on, ahem, (click here) or generally just completely out of the game, relying on takeaway food after rowing or restaurant food when away from work (if you want the full account, my excuses are laid out here). In fact the last couple of months feel like a write off in terms of improving my cooking skills. I've had very little from the garden this year and am firmly back in some old supper-time habits. 

But you've recaptured my attention with something that looks so simple it would be pretty shameful to ignore, so today I popped out and got me some parsnips:

There really is no point in me reporting the steps because it was sooooooooo simple, I can't believe I actually bother buying crisps at all!

I peeled them in no time, drizzled (ok, drowned) them in sunflower oil and whacked them in. 15 mins later, out they came.

All I can say is that they were out of this bowl as quickly as they came in and I will definitely be experimenting with different veg and like you say different flavours. 


What's next?!!

Yours crispily


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