Sympathy for the Breville

Ruth! Don't quit, especially not after what I've just managed! And especially after all the hassle of making my own dough! There is so much to concentrate on for the unseasoned cook. Even when it's done, the madness doesn't stop. Cut to an inch? Well that's all very well if you don't have a ruler to hand, not forgetting a 'boy inch' is apparently different to the universal measurement.

Ok, I know I've been the world's worst pupil, and that I've gone seriously downhill on the cooking front, and that I've promised before to buck up my ideas...

So, despite having lost the will to get off the sofa after long trips away for work and a desire to just stop everything, I went out on a little bike ride with some of my rowing crew along the pathways to Clevedon.

And when out in the south west what better to do than forage? So, Mark, Fraser and I were on the look out for wild garlic.

I'll be honest, all I saw were stinging nettles! But when we got back to Mark's we found garlic growing wild in his back garden. I think that counts, and here it is - minus the leaves which I'd already picked:

So I managed to follow your recipe to the letter, and I have to say that even making scone dough is a bit tough on the old hands eh! I thought the breadcrumbs would never form. It is magic when it comes together though.

In they went and out they came, a success!

But, as you may have come to expect with me, cooking is never straightforward.

Oh yes, I followed your bacon and cheese scone to the letter, where of course the cheese was missing from the original recipe due to blog gremlins. So what you see above are simply not quite wild garlic scones. And, sadly, they were cooked on the outside but not on the inside. A failure.

Thankfully I picked enough wild garlic to make a second batch...

I hope this inspires you to keep posting your recipes.

Yours cheesily


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